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Wolf Coven: Blood Moon Chapter 1

Wolf Coven: Blood Moon Chapter 1

I've decided to just publish for free, Chapter 1, Chapter 2 will come next week again on Tuesday.

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Chapter 1

"I still don't know why you have to leave." Gavin protested as he stood there seeing Hasaan finish assembling his things, which fit neatly into a single suitcase. As an Intendent, the need for clothing or luggage wasn't something that was required, or even of interest to him. There were only a few mementos and trinkets from their time together that he was going to bring back with him.
"You know this day would eventually come. I've been recalled back to Aurastar for reassignment." Hasaan replied without much concern. "You know its a part of our duty, we are at the will of the Sanctuary Organization and when they see fit that our skills are better suited elsewhere they will recall us anytime." He patted his friend on the shoulder. "Besides, I'm not the first Intendent that you've had." He reminded Gavin of Intendent Zera and a few others that had come in the past.
"Yeah but they were never much fun to be around." Gavin crossed his arms across his chest. "And you never had to execute anyone." He pulled out that memory, reminding Hasaan of his cooperative history with Wolf Coven members.
"I was lucky." Hasaan exited the office, not even bothering to look back. "Execution is the most unsavoury but one of the required actions that any Intendent has to perform in field duty. Believe me when I say it's an action that we only take under the most dire of circumstances. You know we much prefer memory blocking and suggestion rather than killing."
The two of them entered the hallway, which lead to the central atrium of Wolf Coven House. The ultra modern rooms with their steel and leather furniture contrasted greatly to the almost Edwardian styled furnishings of classical hotels of the nineteenth century. It was a true contrast that the original owners of the house, High Order Vampires, had used their wealth to decorate. Without doubt, it was a stunning building that Hasaan did have some regrets on when it came to leaving.
"I'm sure that my replacement Sern, is more than capable. I've made requests to Aurastar, that my replacement respect the more, understanding administration that I had put in." Hasaan assured Gavin. The tall Vampire was imposing in his own right, but was a gentle soul. It wasn't usual that Hasaan saw him moping around like this, but understandable. Humans, and their supernatural offshoots still felt emotions like the rest of them and with one Intendent leaving, and another replacing him who no one knew who and what Sern was going to be like. "Just remember, the guy spent most of his time in the archives of Aurastar, so he may be a bit more bureaucratic than I am."
"So we're getting a paper pusher as our new replacement?"
"From what I understand he, they promoted him and he also applied for it so I'm sure he knows what he's getting into."
"The fact that you call him a bureaucrat doesn't really inspire much confidence." Gavin groaned.
"Gavin." Hasaan looked deeply at the Vampire. "look, I made sure to remind my superiors that the success of Wolf Coven House and the Coven Houses is to let field operatives give more freedom to those people who they are protecting. Its not in their interest to interfere with a successful institution like this."
"Well I just hope he will respect us the way you did."
"I'm sure that he will."
Gathered in the Atrium were all 30 members of Wolf Coven House. They all looked upwards as Hasaan and Gavin descended down the main staircase that wrapped around the central fountain, where the portal to the Hub, then Aurastar was hidden. He could see all of them, the Wolves and Vampires together, one of the most successful cooperative stories that the Sanctuary Organization was proud of. Hasaan felt all the eyes focused on him as he came down the stairs.
They naturally opened a pathway for him to approach the fountain. As he did, the water slowly stopped and re-appearing from its invisible status was the portal, which was a swirling image of his destination, which was more of a wormhole than a portal. As he looked into the projected image he could see the approach of another Intendent, ready to take his place. He stood there waiting for a few moments, as did everyone else, for the Intendent to arrive first. Not many noticed, but at the base of the atrium, the floor design was that of the Cosmic Eye.

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