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First sample for my potential readers, the prologue to my book

Though my book is not published yet, I do feel that it is important to give some, a glimpse of my book and what the genre is going to be. This is only going to be put up for a limited time. 

All materials are copyrighted.


Sern paced back and forth within the waiting chamber in one of the many hundreds of Aurastar's Synodium central construct. It was typical for the Intendants and Superintendents to make him wait, but considering his circumstances he was quite sure why they were making him wait. A decision of this scale should never be taken lightly.
He couldn't help but continue to pace in circles, then back and forth again from one glowing crystalline wall to the next, relentlessly pondering the possible circumstances and their consequences in his mind, over and over. Anyone, if facing a potential promotion of this size would be just as nervous as he was. It wasn't typical for the cool-stern Sern to face this type of anxiety. It was during moments like these where he certainly felt the more human side of him take dominance over the Essence-level control that he would normally have.
The doorway melted open through the crystalline wall. Immediately snapping to attention, Sern put his arms down by his sides and stood straight and with as much as a calm demeanor as he could as he stood standing in the doorway with one of the Principle Secretaries.
"Deputy Intendent Sern?" The Principle Secretary called from the entrance, announcing him to those who were waiting for him inside the council chamber.
"Yes?" Sern replied firmly, for a brief moment enjoying the echo that his voice caused in the cavernous chamber that he was going to enter.
"Please come with me." The Principal Secretary requested. As he stepped into the chamber, Sern couldn't help but scan the enormous amphitheatre that he was entering, which was just one out of many dozens of others in the Synodium. At a semi-circular table that faced him in the concave direction were seven individuals, seated and awaiting his arrival. At the center was Archon Alena. She was older woman, short but with a formidable composure.
Alena had the reputation as one of the most respected of all officials of the Sanctuary Organization. An older woman, short but formidable in her presence, Alena was a no-nonsense but yet appreciative and caring individual, whom Sern and many had seen as a true example of what it felt to be a Sanctuary Official.
As he approached, the Principal Secretary took his position at the edge of the table, and seemed to stand motionless as Sern took center stage.
"Deputy Intendent Sern," Alena stood up. Though she was short, her presence alone was enough to warrant immediate attention from everyone there. "through the review of this council we have noted your interest in become a full Intendent. However there are many questions we have to ask that were not on the application." Her familiarity with what she had said and the flow of the words heavily suggested that she had done this many times before.
"Then I shall answer all to the best of my ability." He answered back, with a slight hint of confidence in his voice. A slight smirk of approval appeared on Alena's face.
"Very well." Alena sat back down as the official to the far left side of the desk stood up. He was an unfamiliar face, but his rank indicators on his robe showed that he was that of a Director. Rather high rank and bureaucratic, probably less fieldwork.
"Thank you Archon Alena." He thanked his superior, noting her other title as Archon as he then turned towards Sern. "Deputy Intendent," He started. Sern turned to respectful attention to the one who was addressing him. "your knowledge of the Supernaturals on Earth is quite formidable, in fact you were even bold enough to edit and correct some of our information. However, despite the accuracy of your knowledge, you have yet to actually examine them in the field, correct?"
"Yes sir, that is true."
"Then how did you acquire the information?"
"Through the use of eye witness testimony from those who come here to Aurastar."
"Ah, eye witness testimony. But you are aware of the potential inaccuracies that can be gatherer from testimonies? Even human science considered testimony to be the lowest form of evidence."
"Indeed sir that is true, however the credentials of those being interviewed comes from direct supernatural beings themselves. The potential for inconsistencies is there however as you can tell from the sourcing of the knowledge I interviewed considerable numbers of these beings before making these corrections were minor corrections."
Satisfied with his answer, the official sat back down. Alena then turned to the opposite side of the table and gestured for the next person to speak. This official was a regal looking blond haired woman, perhaps in her early 40s stood up. Unlike the previous individual, Sern knew who this was. She was Superintendent Lya.
"Sern, the proposed position that we have in mind for you will involve a great deal have direct one on one interaction with Supernaturals, in fact you will be living with them. You will also potentially be needed, to interact with the human public on a day-to-day basis. Refresh us on the purposes and the main duties of the Sanctuary Organization, our mission statement as you will."
"Our mission is to maintain the shroud of secrecy between the supernatural world, and the Human world. To allow humans to live without fear of the supernatural and to prevent knowledge of the supernatural to leak into the human presence."
"And you know that this, is our utmost and primary goal." She reminded him.
"Without question Superintendent."
"Then allow me to give you a hypothetical situation," She started to walk towards Sern, more along a pondering pace. "a Type-2 Lycanthrope pack, or Packwalkers, descends upon a settlement of humans. The pack consists of enough wolves to bite, and turn the entire troop of humans. The humans don't know what happened to them, survive and turn into Lycanthropes amongst their families who live in dense human cities. What is your duty and response?"
"Three fold. First and foremost is to identify the pack and attempt to prevent them from attacking the humans. If not by persuasion then by immediate force relocation," Sern began. His mind was working quite according to a brutal sense of logic and protocol. He knew well that human safety was the priority. "second, if they attack the humans, then the humans attacked as well as the wolf attackers must be subdued and mentally persuaded by force if needed to forget the situation. And thirdly and finally, if the attack succeeded despite my efforts, which is hardly possible, but if so, immediate forced relocation of everyone involved and immediate declaration of death of those involved, to the humans."
"Mental persuasion, or manipulation, is a very drastic measure Sern, are you sure its warranted?" Superintendent Lya asked him. It was clear that she was almost tempting him to give a more serious response.
"Without question, Superintendent," Sern answered without hesitation. "the blocking of memories is paramount to maintaining secrecy."
"What if they have children who survived?"
"Then the children's memories will be blocked and left to the human authorities."
"And what of the freshly turned humans who are going to become lycanthropes?" Superintendent Lya continued.
"They will be kept at the nearest Sanctuary Coven House, safe and rehabilitated. Every Coven House has the members required for these training cessions."
"And if they choose not to?"
"No choice can be given. The future of human safety cannot be sacrificed for the heartache of a few. If they refuse, they will be, mentally persuaded to accept, or we can relocate them to a house where they can be trained."
"But what if they insist and attempt, and perhaps even succeed in escaping?"
"Protocol dictates the final measures. Recapture or execution." Sern stated coldly. Superintendent Lya wasn't surprised that he would give this answer; it was the only one that he could give. Being an Intendent wasn't a duty that one could take lightly; it was a serious and deadly matter.
"An Intendent is required to be judge, jury and executioner in a case like that." Archon Alena spoke. "No leniency can be permitted because the risk of public safety has to be avoided."
"I understand." Sern answered.
“One more question please Sern.” Alena stood up and walked towards him. In front of them all, rose a projection of the Cosmic Eye. “Can you please, tell me what this is, and what it symbolizes?” Alena headed back to her desk as Sern walked up to the hovering three pronged symbol.
“This is the Cosmic Eye.” Sern pointed to the shape which they were all familiar. “It is the symbol of the Sanctuary Organization and its purpose.. “The three eyes which surround the central point represent the three realms or worlds, the mortal world, the supernatural world or sometimes referred to as magical or the arcane, and the final, at the top, the divine world or the realm of the gods.”
“What is the significance of the eye in the middle?” Alena asked.
“It represents the Sanctuary Organization and the motives of the Va’Nai.” Sern answered. “The three spires that come out from it block the others from seeing each other, the Eye of Sanctuary in the center also blocks the others from interfering with each other.”
“Which fittingly describes our purpose, correct?”
"Then I guess it's a final conclusion that we will release now, unless anyone else has any questions." Alena looked around to see a consensus amongst the others. "Your application has been approved. Congratulations, Intendent Sern." Alena addressed him, with his new title. The group of them clapped generously as they stood up. The table melted back into the floor. As they gathered around him, in the center of the room, a sudden brilliant flash of light appeared, which left the presence of a vast vortex of white swirling energy.
It was a graceful entity, one of the Va'Nai, the caretakers and leaders of the Sanctuary Organization. Appearing in its natural form, the Va'Nai looked like how science fiction portrayed a black hole, as a swirling vortex, but instead of black and dark purple swirls, this being was composed of bright white and yellow light, and the energy radiated outwards, not inwards. Though his mind, Sern could hear the voice of the Va'Nai speak to him.
"Your dedication and service has not been without notice. Your commitment to the protection of humanity will not go unpaid." It spoke, as an echoing almost digital and divine voice, through to his mind directly. From the core heart of the Va'Nai, a smaller version of itself, a small swirling vortex of energy emerged, and floated slowly and gracefully towards Sern. The glowing ball of light left a hazy trail of energy as it went towards Sern and then slowly phased itself into his chest.
It felt like comforting warmth that started to expand, upwards through his arms and neck, downwards through his stomach then legs, infusing every cell of his body with a force of power, greater than anything else he had felt during previous infusions. His eyes naturally closed to maintain in this concentration of power as the Essence of the Va'Nai started to modify him from the inside out. His eyes then flashed open, beaming out a brilliant aura of light from them, as the silence was interrupted by his gasp of air.
This was not his first Infusion, but with his promotion to the rank of Intendent, Sern was gifted with another Essence of the Va'Nai, which would double his abilities easily. He stumbled at first, thankfully with one of the Directors at his side he didn't fall over. The Infusion always left everyone slightly light headed, but now with the addition of another Essence, he felt even more clearly minded and level headed. He looked up to see the Va'Nai still hovering there. He bowed generously as it slowly vanished, leaving nothing but a faint glow of where it was, that slowly also vaporized.
"Your appointment will be to Wolf Coven House. You will be replacing Intendent Hasaan, who will now return here to Aurastar. There you will find mainly Sanguinarians and Lycanthropes active," Alena instructed him. She reached out her hand. Sern accepted the handshake graciously. "and I have every confidence that you will make us proud Sern." She smiled.

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